Dear Life Center Family,

By now we are all aware of the latest restrictions to gathering in groups of people. The restriction of gatherings larger than 25 people took effect, Tuesday March 17 2020.

This affects nearly every church in Oregon, and it certainly affects our church. So here are Life Center’s plans moving forward for the foreseeable future, as there is still a bit of ambiguity as to when we will be able to all meet again.

   Each Sunday we will be live streaming our service at 10:30 am on Life Center’s Facebook page. There will be an element of worship as well as teaching and a time to give announcements and updates. While this is far from ideal, I believe there is something mysteriously powerful about God’s people meeting together to praise and worship our creator corporately. I am excited and optimistic to see how this will all ultimately be used for God’s glory. How we will grow and find new and innovative ways to interact with one another while these restrictions are in place.

    At this time I am asking those of you who consider Life Center to be your home to please remain faithful in your tithes and offerings, as we still continue to have needs and as we continue to support missionaries and outreaches. Life Center’s leadership is continuing to explore online giving options. In the meantime, checks can be issued and sent to either our physical address: 437 S. D St., Independence, OR 97351, or our P.O. Box 427 Monmouth, OR 97361. If you would like to drop your tithe off in person at the church, or if you would like someone to pick up your tithe that is always an option too.

   While we should all do our part in helping to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following the guidelines about social distancing and staying home as much as possible, I want to encourage you all as ambassadors of Christ and representatives of Life Center to be reaching out to those around you who are in need. There are many ways we can be doing that, by social media, making a phone call or even writing a physical letter.

   If you hear of a need or know of someone who has trouble navigating online please let us know so that we can help in whatever way possible. Now is the time for us as a church to come together and make Jesus known to others by the way we love one another.

  I thank you for your grace in these truly unprecedented times, and I ask that you join me in praying for grace and wisdom for our leaders and those in authority who are doing their best to address these situations in an ever evolving landscape.

  If you have questions, concerns or a need, please reach out. The church’s email is and our phone number is (503) 838-6507.

Pastor Seth Baker

©2020 by Life Center Foursquare